What our little guy has been through...

Initial feeding problems, syringe feeding to bring up weight
He had his first set of ear tubes at 7 months
He had an MRI at 9 months
His initial cleft repair, new ear tubes and a hearing test at 14 months
Ear tubes (AGAIN!) at 21 months
A Cleft Revision Repair, Tonsils and Adnoids removed, and yes another set of ear tubes at 28 months

So he was put under 5 times before he was even 2 1/2, he had also been on antibiotics a couple times for either ear or sinus problems and lived on allergy medicine for the entire spring of 2007.

He had physical and speech therapy weekly from December 2006 to August 2007 with minimal to no results. Just a miserable little guy when he had to be there.

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