How to pay?

When we made our initial DAN! visit in April of 2007 the waiting list was 6 months, Dylan's appointment would be October 8 - the day he turned 2 1/2.

What we weren't expecting was to find that DAN doctors can't take insurance because the medical industry does not believe in the biomedical approach and we certainly did not expect to find that it would be so expensive.

We almost cancelled the appointment not knowing how we were going to handle the cost but when a relative sent us some information about a doctor she knew in her hometown that was healing children and that she had seen the results with her own eyes, we knew that we had to find a way to do this for our son.

We were very very fortunate to have not only our loving families, friends and coworkers but also a large number of strangers pull together to help us out with some of the upcoming costs. It is something that we are very greatful for and we will never forget the sincere generosity of everyone that helped us out.

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