8th Allergy Treatment

We went in yesterday to see if Dylan cleared Dairy & Chocolates - he did!! He is doing great so far, moving right along. She decided to treat him for Sugars, Honey & Minerals - he was sensitive to both Zinc and Magnesium.

She also did the first Osteopathic Exam/Treatment she was able to do his feet up to his neck but he wasn't comfortable enough to let her do his head yet. Hopefully, soon! She believes he will start to have better balance with each treatment.

Some progress: This week Dylan climbed up on our storage ottoman in front of the living room window, used the window to brace himself and stood up - Great (and scary) progress!

7th Allergy Treatment

Dylan cleared Fruits and Fruit Juices so he was treated for Dairy, Casein, Lactose, Chocolate... he had a strong reaction to chocolate! Poor boy!

He enjoyed the appointment again and things seem to be going well. This week we may treat for Environmental (Outdoor Allergies) he will be treated for indoor allergies separately.

I borrowed a book from the office - Live Free from Asthma and Allergies, it is about BioSET which is part of the technique that Dylan's doctor uses to treat his allergies. We are thinking of buying the acupressure tool so we can learn to clear some things at home.

Other than that not much is new. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

6th Allergy Treatment

Boy am I out of it! Just as we were ready to walk out the door for Dylan's appointment I double checked the time and we were late by a whole day! I can't believe I forgot it was on Thursday - they have mostly been on Fridays so far and I knew we had a few more Fridays scheduled... So even when Monica emailed me yesterday to see how his appointment went (she remembered) I said it wasn't until tomorrow...

So I called and they were very nice about it and fit him in for a later appointment this afternoon. Whew! That was close! He cleared Grains!! So today he was treated for Fruits and Fruit Juices. She was tempted to treat for Environmental because he has really been having sinus issues, but you have to be in air conditioning following the treatment and we would probably have to avoid pets too so coming home wouldn't be an option until we passed our 3 hour mark.

Depending on how he does with the remainder of the treatments we are possibly 1/2 way there! There are typically 12 -15 and we are at #6 already! So far things seem to be working very well.


5th Allergy Treatment

We went in yesterday for Dylan's fifth allergy treatment, Corn cleared - which is a big one so that was great news! He really is starting to enjoy the treatments (the accupressure) and he likes the doctor too. :) He was treated for Grains, which included Wheat, Oats, Tapioca... this is another BIG one so hopefully he can clear it on the first try.

Other than that, he still has a bit of a cold but he has been feeling better and he definitely has gained strength. He is doing quite a bit more babbling lately, he is into more toys and definitely more aware of his surroundings in general.

We talked more about HBOT and signed up to possibly rent a unit in September (he will most likely need another surgery to close a small opening that remains in his soft palate and we anticipate that to be in August again) the HBOT can help that area heal faster. The only thing the doctor is concerned with are his ears - so we will take a couple dives at her office prior to the rental to make sure that his ears tolerate it. The bad thing about HBOT is that you can't really tell for at least a month sometimes if it is helpful to a particular child and if it is working for him, we would most likely need to rent it for more than 1 month and that is very costly. So we will have to make some decisions on how to handle that when the time comes.

Another thing I have been meaning to update on is that Dylan had an IEP done with the school district - right now he qualifies for free preschool that would incorporate speech, OT, and PT - we are not ready to send him yet (I was thinking more like when he is 4 and his immune system is healthy) but they agreed to have a teacher come to the house once a week for an hour to work with him in those areas. So he has seen her 3 times now and will continue for the next few weeks until school is out for the Summer.

4th Allergy Treatment

Dylan went in yesterday to see if his Amino Acid/Sugar/Garlic treatment cleared - it did! Yay! So we moved onto his 4th treatment - Corn.

He has been sick all week, bad cold, low grade fever - but he was well enough to go in for the treatment. She tried to do a cranial treatment to relieve his sinuses but he wasn't having it, so she didn't push it. I would have loved to see how it worked for him though - little stinker!