The Results Appointment

We went back in the beginning of November for our results appointment - in the meantime between these 2 appointments, Dylan had started to stand more independently and was starting to take steps back and forth to us. (Huge Progress!)

The results were overwhelming

Dylan had a weakened immune system, he was not metabolizing correctly, his thyroid was off, he was low in Calcium, Boron and Zinc (all key minerals) he had a yeast and bacteria overgrowth, his allergy level was very high - the doctor explained that his body couldn't tell the good guys from the bad guys and so it would fight off things like certain foods instead of things that were harmful to him, such as viruses, metals, etc. Dylan also has high levels of heavy metals in his little body.

All of this was what we expected, not easy to hear, but finally we had answers - and the biggest thing was that There Is Hope! All of this can be reversed. Not overnight, and not without a lot of work, but it can happen.

The protocol we were to start:

Nystatin for yeast 3X a day
ProBio Gold (probiotic)2 capsules daily
Digestive Enzymes 3X daily
Specially formulated Amino Acids 2X daily (on empty stomach between meals)
Cod Liver Oil
Thyroid pill
MB12 Shots 2X a week
GFCF diet

All of this would be slowly implemented until he got up to his dosage and then we would meet with the doctor again to talk about Chelation (metal detox) and HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy)

How did all of this happen? Most likely it is the result of his slow start with eating, his surgeries, antibiotic use, cold and allergy medicine, and his vaccinations. When a child is suffering with a weak immune system - instead of making them immune to the viruses - they are picking up those viruses and also the mercury that is still in so many of the shots that our kids are getting today. (This would be labeled as: Thimersol)

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