First DAN! Appointment

Finally October 8th was here! We were going to find out soon if our instincts were right and whether or not Dylan would benefit from the biomedical approach.

Our appointment was very thorough, immediately the doctor could tell that Dylan had a vitamin A deficiency - he got his first MB12 shot right there in the office, we also started ProBio Gold (a probiotic) and Cod Liver Oil to supplement for Vitamin A & D. Several blood and urine tests were ordered, we left with lots of information and high hopes of possibly getting a diagnosis (finally!) A big plus was that Dylan liked the doctor right away!

Dylan would start the GFCF (Gluten (wheat) Free, Casein (dairy) Free)diet slowly within the next couple of weeks. We noticed after his 2nd Cleft repair that when he stopped drinking milk (built mucus and made him choke during healing) that he became more attentive and started to say a couple words. The doctor explained that Dairy and Gluten are like Opiates to these kids and they crave them because they keep them on a high which keeps them in a fog. Dylan did replace his dairy with a wheat craving - so we knew that he would be a candidate for the diet.

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