Need for a Diagnosis?

While researching some therapy options I learned that there is an Ohio Autism Scholarship (or something like that) of $20,000 a year but you have to have an "official" diagnosis to apply. This doesn't mean we get a check for this amount of money, or that it can be used for biomedical treatment, which at this time it can NOT, but it does mean that he can get specialized therapy that is working for other children like him, or it can be used for the school tuition when we are ready.

Up until now getting that official diagnosis didn't mean much to us, because really is it even Autism that all of these children have today? I mean I know that is the label that they put on all of these immune, and digestive issues that are tormenting these kids and causing their delays, stims, social and behavioral issues, but since they can get better, recovered completely even - is it Autism? I don't know! But I will take the label if it means that he can get therapy that will actually benefit him (as opposed to the traditional Speech and PT that he got nowhere with.)

There is a place for Speech that likes to treat kids in their own homes and that is exactly what we are looking for. So now in addition to everything else we have going on, we are going to seek getting this official diagnosis, that could range pretty much anywhere on the Autism Spectrum. I would probably call him PDD-NOS myself (pervasive developmental disorder - not otherwise specified) but whatever they want to call it - fine - if it means that we can get him the help he needs to get caught up. Which I still fully believe he can and will do.

It has been 2 weeks now of the OLE and 3 of the GSE, we haven't really noticed too much but that doesn't mean that it isn't doing anything so we will continue. I am still taking both myself. I did order the Autistique Cream 2.0 but received 3.0 which is more expensive and has more things in it, I decided instead of going through the hassle of sending it back and getting what we ordered he could try it - it has only been 3 days so we don't notice anything yet. It is nice that he isn't taking so many things orally now. I am really anxious to start the Glutathione patches but I am going to wait until he has been doing the Autistique for at least 1 full week to add them. I may wait 2 because for this first week we are only applying before bed, you work up to 2 times daily, first thing in the AM, last thing in the PM...

The Cleveland Clinic submitted our HBOT request to our insurance finally so we will know what they say soon. We have a phone appt with Dr. Cheryl to go over test results and talk about Chelation next Thursday, October 2nd. I am also going to talk to her about the diagnosis so we can apply for the scholarship. Keep your fingers crossed!

As usual there is so much to decide and figure out - but we are moving along with high hopes that one of these things or a combination of them will be what he needs to overcome and heal. Speaking of healing - Jenny McCarthy's new book came out yesterday, Mother Warriors I defintely have to get it!

Started OLE, Lifewave Patches and other stuff...

Dylan and I started our OLE this morning (Olive Leaf Extract) so far, so good! Aside from the fact that he won't nap today. He hasn't been sleeping too well in general lately though - I think the B6 P5P is the culprit. The problem is that we pre-make 18 supplement cups at once for his lunch time smoothie and there is no way to remove some of the B6 - when this stack is out, we are going down to half a tablet!

In doing researh and hearing about what is working for others, I decided to order the Lifewave Glutathione Patches because so many people on the MB12/Valtrex board seem to be having great results with them. We previously used the cream and did not care for that, but hopefully we will see something good from them. I like the fact that they are non-invasive and seem to be great for just about anyone. I decided to become a distributor, mainly to get better pricing in case they work out, I don't plan on going crazy tryiing to sell these things. I will post our progress with them and if they are amazing - they will sell themselves. You can check out the link at the bottom of the blog to see what else Lifewave has to offer.

I am also interested in ordering Autistique, a cream that contains some of the supps that Dylan takes orally right now, it contains the MB12 as well - and I know he would LOVE to get rid of the shots. I am going to look into it a bit more before deciding but it seems like a good way to go, because it will bypass his digestive system and get right into the bloodstream. I hate that he has to take so much everyday. I will update on this when we make our decision (basically the hard part is that they offer 3 types of the cream, so you have to decide what is the most important one for your child.)

Anyway, I am pretty excited that we are finally trying the OLE - the GSE has been going fine for both of us. No bad side effects! Except he is peeing A LOT more! But at least he is getting everything out. :)

Started GSE

Dylan and I both started our GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) yesterday, Sept. 4th.

It is a liquid concentrate from NutriBiotic that helps combat yeast. It is also good for many other things. Like fighting colds, etc. It can be used to clean ears, as a household cleaner or to clean and sanitize water and fruits and veggies.

It is VERY bitter! but Dylan is a trooper and is used to taking supps by now. We are both taking it 3 times a day. I started him with 1 drop with each meal and I am taking 3 drops each time. With the second drop yesterday he had some really big mucousy sneezes - this is the product in action, cleaning out the sinuses. My mom used it today to see what it was like and her nose started running - I did some research and it is normal - it can work that fast!

Within the next week or so if all is going well we add the OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) for bacteria and viral issues. This one can cause die-off symptoms of rashes and fevers, so I decided to try the GSE first since it is the milder symptom-wise of the two.

I believe both are highly phenolic (not sure if Dylan has phenol issues or not) but I am going to purchase No Fenol, an Enzyme from Houston Enzymes just in case we run into problems.