Started GSE

Dylan and I both started our GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) yesterday, Sept. 4th.

It is a liquid concentrate from NutriBiotic that helps combat yeast. It is also good for many other things. Like fighting colds, etc. It can be used to clean ears, as a household cleaner or to clean and sanitize water and fruits and veggies.

It is VERY bitter! but Dylan is a trooper and is used to taking supps by now. We are both taking it 3 times a day. I started him with 1 drop with each meal and I am taking 3 drops each time. With the second drop yesterday he had some really big mucousy sneezes - this is the product in action, cleaning out the sinuses. My mom used it today to see what it was like and her nose started running - I did some research and it is normal - it can work that fast!

Within the next week or so if all is going well we add the OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) for bacteria and viral issues. This one can cause die-off symptoms of rashes and fevers, so I decided to try the GSE first since it is the milder symptom-wise of the two.

I believe both are highly phenolic (not sure if Dylan has phenol issues or not) but I am going to purchase No Fenol, an Enzyme from Houston Enzymes just in case we run into problems.

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