OAT Results and Other Stuff...

The OAT results finally came in a few days after our appointment. His bad bacteria is still extremely high, even with 3 Culturelle every night for 4 months. There were also some other things that need addressing. The recommendations for these things are B6, which we have found that the P5P form is the most effective, and Vitamin C - he will be starting an Advanc-C vitamin soon.

His Amino Acid profile looked good, so we will have to see if we can stop supplementing those for now.

He did have some Yeast still so we plan on starting an OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) and GSE (Grapeseed Extract) protocol, OLE helps fight viruses and bacteria and GSE helps with yeast. I still have some research to do on dosing and timing. I plan on doing this protocol with him to see how it makes me feel.

We got an RX for HBOT to see if we can do it at the Wound Center affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic - right now we are waiting for our Pediatrician to send over records confirming his Hypotonia and Chronic Dermatitis. Most likely Medical Mutual will shoot this down and then our next step is to see what the financial department comes up with per session. Once we have this information we will be able to decide if we will rent the unit in our home as previously planned or if we will be able to use the Hard Chamber at the clinic. There are pluses and minuses to both so whatever way is fine with us. We HOPE to start this in October - it keeps getting moved around and we do feel that Dylan will be a responder because it should help with his muscle tone issues which are still a huge factor in his overall development.

There is still so much to do and it is about CONSTANT research - and a strong belief that your child CAN and WILL get better. I have heard enough success stories to keep me going and there is nothing I wouldn't do to give my little guy the best chance I can for his future. He is a trooper and through it all he is still typically very happy and content.

Another positive thing is that on July 9th, Dylan went to see his plastic surgeon to see if he required another cleft surgery and there is a possibility that he will NOT. It did close almost all the way, with just a small line remaining open. At this point I believe the only reason to do the surgery would be IF he was nasal when he spoke, but since he isn't really talking, it is hard to tell. At least we know that if he does need another surgery it is only going to be a very small fix this time and recovery should be nothing like it was with the first two. We go back in November for another evaluation.

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