Allergy Treatments 12-14

Dylan cleared his 11th treatment and had his 12th treatment on June 24th for Heavy Metals, Viruses (MMR, Hep B, Lead & Antimony) He missed his July 3rd appointment due to a thunderstorm and had to go in on July 18th instead. He cleared the 12th treatment and was finally able to to do Outdoor Environmental.

We also started a homeopathic treatment for Post Traumatic Stress.

We got the test kit for an OAT (organic acid test) which tests urine for yeast, bacteria, amino acids and other minerals.

He also got an RX for bloodwork to see where his blood count is at and if he's ready for chelation.

On August 15th he went in to go over bloodwork (OAT results were not in) He cleared the Outdoor Environmental and was treated for Radiation (possibly sun allergy) and for The Miles Family dog Natasha - since he got all puffy eyed and sneezy the weekend prior to this appt while at the girls birthday party.

We got some good news regarding his White Blood Cell count - it more than doubled since our test in March (we started seeing Dr. Cheryl in April) so the allergy treatments have definitely been helping to heal his immune system. His red blood cell count was 3.87 (with 3.9 being the low end of normal) so we are almost there with that as well. She just recommends Apricots and Spinach to bring it up.

He started Milk Thistle to provide liver support as a prep for chelation, which we intend to start in September if further testing shows that he is ready.

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