Chiropractic and Chelation

We started seeing a Pediatric Chiropractor shortly after my last post, Dylan just had his 20th adjustment today. He has been going three times a week to correct subluxations. The good news is that he likes going and doesn't mind getting the adjustments, he initially cried when his neck needed adjusting but he has gotten over that and simply seems to enjoy it. The bad news is that we are not seeing any progress from the adjustments at all. In fact, his balance is actually worse right now. Last week after his 17th adjustment he could only take 2 steps before falling and he was dragging his left leg, not bending his knee when he walked... Scary!! So again we are left unsure and have to decide whether or not to continue from here or to give it a break and see how he does. (Leaning toward giving it a break since insurance only covered 12 visits and we can't go on wasting $ that could be spent on HBOT if it isn't going to be beneficial) Sad though! I really felt that this was going to help his balance.

He is continuing to chelate with the EDTA suppositories, twice a week without any issues. Nothing to report good or bad at this point.

We have also started transdermal LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) to boost his immune system. We started with 1/5 of the normal dose and worked our way up to the full 3mg. It is a cream that you can put on the feet and is best when used between 9PM and midnight, with 11PM being the optimal time. We had one night of disturbed sleep (very common) and have noticed some aggression but other than that he seems to be tolerating it fine. It has now been 2 weeks - the first 12 days were spent working up to the 3mg and the past two were full dose so it is still pretty early. LDN can help with socialization and speech as it is healing the immune system. Some people note that they lose several food allergies and intolerances. Hopefully, this will be something that Dylan responds to. So far as one of our DAN's puts it "He is a hard nut to crack".

HBOT is still in the future. Hopefully the near future! We are waiting for finalized pricing for 40 hours in a hard chamber. Mainly because the hard chamber is supposed to help with Muscle Tone and Mito issues faster than the mild chambers. The mild chambers do help with these issues as well, it just takes longer to get the same results. If he is a responder we will have to figure out where to go from there as more sessions will be necessary. If we can't do the hard chamber we will get on the list to do the mild chamber and plan to try doing 90 hours in the month with a month break to see what results we get. Again, if he is a responder more sessions will be beneficial and we will have to decide about renting vs. buying.

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Tara McMillan said...

be careful about the chiropractic adjustments..... my sister had gone about 3 times a week and she suffered an injury that put her in the hospital for a couple of days... she had a fracture to the lower back and she is still having problems.... just my two cents!