Dylan turned Four! : (

Dylan turned four on April 8th. I can't believe it! Where did all the time go??

We finished up our Floortime class. It was informative and I'm glad we were both able to go. Dylan's new OT had a couple weeks off for Easter so today we went for his second session with her, so far it is going okay. We are doing Sensory Brushing and Compression a few times a day, sometimes he enjoys it, other times he is just not into it.

He had his first Dental Cleaning and Exam yesterday and it started off better than we imagined but when she got to the fluoride part, she had to suction him and he flipped out! That was it for him. He started gagging and choking up mucous, he turned so red and gagged so hard that he broke blood vessels around his eye area. Poor little guy!! He does not like his mouth messed with, but with two cleft surgeries, tonsils and adenoids removed - who can blame him?! The good news is that I am keeping his teeth clean and he has no cavities. He does however have an extra tooth that came in behind another, this happened recently and was actually the reason we took him in. We have been dreading the dentist with him, knowing how he would respond... The tooth will eventually need to be pulled but that of course will just add to his oral issues, so hopefully it can wait until he can better tolerate it.

Chelation- I decided to purchase Detoxamin EDTA suppositories because they are so much cheaper than the compounding pharmacy and seem to be the same thing. They are a higher strength, but the low dose he started on was to see if he tolerated them well and he did fine with them. Also, you don't need an RX for these so that is very nice!! His schedule started at one every 14 days but we are now moving to twice a week. The normal dosing is every other day, but since he is so small (32lbs) we are going to start with less and see what happens.

The homeopathic visit went fine. She muscle tested all of his supplements and made 2 bags, the ones he didn't need right now and the ones he still did, about half of them were cut out. We decided to try it for awhile to see how it went, it has been a little over 3 weeks and he doesn't seem to be lacking anything. She also added in Vaccination Detox, ALJ (a seasonal allergy remedy) and Lymphatic Drainage. He seems to do fine with them. No great gains, but no side effects. She treated him for Wheat, Dairy and Dog Saliva with the laser method. He had to avoid dairy for 2 weeks after and wheat and dog saliva for 3. His 3 weeks were up yesterday. We haven't exposed him to any of it yet though. We'll see what happens!

I tried to schedule his chiropractic appointment today and found that the office is closed on Fridays so I will have to call on Monday and hopefully he can start that next week.

LDN is still on our list of what is coming up and of course HBOT is definitely still in our plans, somehow we will do it, but in the meantime we are hoping that the chiropractic visits will do some good.

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