Floortime Workshop

Last week my mom and me took Dylan to Barrie Galvin's Center for an evaluation to start therapy. They use the Floortime approach for OT and Speech. Keith and I decided to sign up for the 3 day workshop. We went to our first session last Wednesday evening and have our second tomorrow. I have the book Engaging Autism by Stanley Greenspan so I had the basic idea of what Floortime was, which is basically communicating with your child through their natural interests and learning to build on that. It is a good concept and seemingly easy, in fact we found that we do a lot of it naturally in our house so we have a good foundation, but building on activities and keeping the child's interest while doing so can be surprisingly difficult. You have to be very persistent and very creative. All in all I do like this approach because it just makes sense that if you work with someone's interests, they will be responsive.

We will do our 2nd round of EDTA Chelation tonight and then Dylan goes for bloodwork tomorrow. (Poor guy) HATE HATE HATE the bloodwork. I seriously have to talk to his doctor about limiting it to 3 times a year. It is just too traumatic for him (and us) and the lab is never happy to have to use our special kits. I wish that DAN! doctors could/would have their own labs, it would make a world of difference.

We met some nice people in the Workshop and are seriously considering trying a Chiropractor for Dylan. We have heard so many good things that it is worth a try. One of the girls said her son overcame his low muscle tone issues through it and that would be huge for Dylan. I also have an appt at Natures Sunshine on Thursday for him with a homeopathic doctor. She does some type of lasering for allergy removal. Along with muscle testing and other traditional remedies. I am very interested in the DPT nosode so I hope that she is familiar with it. Friday it is back to Barrie Galvin's for OT. So we are pretty busy right now.

We are still trying to figure out the HBOT issue. Basically the financial part of things, but we know we HAVE TO do it. His muscle tone in my opinion is his biggest weakness, HBOT is proven to help with that and can completely reverse it, which could totally change his life.

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