If it weren't for bad luck...

At least that's the way it feels...

We got a great start with the mHBOT and were quickly working our way up in hours, until Monday, when I noticed a discharge in Dylan's right ear that looked like dried up blood... so I frantically posted questions on the HBOT message boards and went crazy trying to get an appointment with an ENT - almost impossible to do with a days notice, even if you are willing to drive and see any ENT possible - we ended up with an appointment for ours for Friday and since I couldn't wait I finally was able to find someone to see him Tuesday, I had to drive over half an hour but it was worth it to know if the eardrum was ruptured and to figure out what was going on.

It turned out that he had an infection and what I saw was a brown wax and pus, but not blood. Thank GOD! The doctor could not see if the tube was still in and didn't want to suction the ear since Dylan was already upset at him just taking a peek. The left ear had wax that he was able to remove and it was clear BUT the tube was loose and just resting in the canal... Antiobiotic eardrops and Amoxicillan were prescribed.

Dylan never presented with a fever or showed any signs of ear pain so we had no idea that this was going on AND to top it off this was his first Fullblown Ear Infection ever, figures - what better timing? Right in the midst of our HBOT rental that costs $1600 a month...

Luckily we kept our appointment for Friday with our ENT (today) and Dylan's ear no longer shows signs of infection, but does still have wax blocking the view of the tube (or no tube), his left ear was checked again and is fine, but the hole is already completely closed so a new set of tubes is definitely needed. We scheduled and he will be seen next Thursday (Just Great! Another week wasted!) for the new tubes. He should be able to resume HBOT treatment next Saturday as long as all goes well - so please pray that all will go well. He got these tubes last December and they did not even last 3/4 of a year - CRAZY!!

The good part about the new tubes is that Dylan will start with ears that are clear of wax and the tubes will help him to pressurize so we should not have any problems in the chamber. If only we had known to check out his ears PRIOR to the rental! What a lesson this has been.

With the 23 1/2 hours that we did get in we have noticed more babbling and some attempts at new sounds, he initiated "Ring Around the Rosy" and fell appropriately without being tugged or prompted, and then afterwards he said: "Ring" VERY EXCITING!!
Also, his core strength is better, meaning his stomach area, for instance when assisting him by holding his hands or his waist to get up the stairs, before, he was very wobbly and you could feel the lack of strength, now he is sturdier and you can feel it. We are very excited with what we are seeing thus far and can not wait to continue. I truly believe that HBOT will be great for him. If only his ears will cooperate. :)

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