Chelation - Finally!

We finally got to start chelating on Tuesday. They are EDTA Suppositories, so just before bed I gave one to him. He handled it fine and so far, so good. Nothing bad to report. The schedule we are starting with is One (1) 125mg suppository every 14 days, I hope that if he does well we will be moving that up to at least 1 a week. Most kids are doing a higher dose and do them every other day, or twice a week. Not sure why he has started Dylan out so slowly but I guess it's best to be cautious.

We quit using Enhansa because when I tried to move it up to the higher dose, his eyes became very itchy and puffy. When we removed it, they were better. I might try to give it one more time to make sure it was that, but I am guessing it was. Normally, I would be upset about this, but from what I have been reading about LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) I am kind of anxious to give it a try, so that will be our next new thing.

I am also looking into vaccine clearing with nosodes. Especially for the DPT vaccine as I suspect it played a role in things.

Other than that we are still planning on doing HBOT but need to come up with a plan financially to do it.

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bigelvis said...

I wanted to know where you get your sons vaccine clearing with the nosodes? I just found your blog when looking for info on the Enhansa. I have never heard of this treatment,but it sounds so wonderful. My son will be 6 in May2010. Doing bio for 3 years now. 80 dives of hard chamber and about 9 of soft HBOT. Just trying to find that winning formula.