11th Allergy Treatment

Dylan had his 11th treatment today! (He cleared the Indoor Environmental, including the dust at our house) Today he was treated for Food Additives/Preservatives, Food Coloring/Dyes and Nuts

He was asleep when we got there so she was able to do a pretty good Cranial Treatment! He actually ended up sleeping through the entire visit. He woke up when I put him back in the car. He does enjoy his treatments, but not so much the cranial so this was a good thing.

He will have at least 2 more Allergy Elimination Treatments, One for Outdoor Environmental (A biggy) and another for Viruses and Heavy Metals.

It is so hard to believe that we are almost done with them. We are hoping to see a big difference in him after the Outdoor Allergies are treated. It seems like the food sensitivities have definitely gotten better.


Debbie said...

Hi may name is Debbie...you posted to me on "Parenting after Loss" Thank I read your blog....sorry about what you are going through! I am curious....what were your first signs, and at what age? Also why so many allergy tests??? I too am going through allergy problems with Alex....
Hope to hear from you!

Lynn - Dylan's Mommy said...

Hey Debbie, I sent you an email with some answers! Thanks for the comment.