Dylan's Three! Allergy Elimination and Other Updates...

Today April 8th, 2008 - Dylan is Three Years Old! Hard to believe, it seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital.

It's been awhile since I last updated - so I will try to pick up where I left off - Enzymes - Dylan is taking the Enzymes still, but with no noticeable results. We are still waiting for the IgG Food Allergy test but in the midst of it all have decided that Allergy Elimination was the way to go. When I called to make his first appointment, it turned out that the next opening was his Birthday and I decided to take it, a new year, a new start...

We just got home from the initial consultation and his first allergy treatment, he was tested for the most common allergens today - and came up positive for Soy, Wheat, Corn, Dairy, Coconut, Almonds & Pecans. His supplements & Enzymes were tested too and he came up fine for all of them EXCEPT for ThreeLac - (which we had just stopped using a few days ago, because I could tell it just wasn't working for him, and probably was the cause of his regression.)

Her recommendation on diet is to stick with what we are doing, oats are fine for him so oatmeal can be continued, we will continue to give the enzymes to help break down any soy or corn, dairy or wheat that he gets. So the diet will not change much, he can still have some infractions and we won't go crazy trying to eliminate every trace amount because he will soon be treated for all allergens.

Today's treatment was for the immune system (and boy does he need that!) it can take up to 6 weeks to heal now that the treatment has been done, it also treated some viruses that might be issues. We go back next Friday and he will be treated for Plastics. There are typically 12-15 treatments and in the end he will be treated for all environmental and food allergies, some may not take the first time but the ratio of it working is 85 - 95% of the time, so the odds are in our favor.

I did a lot of research and asked in some of my message groups (related to autism) what others had experienced with NAET (allergy elimination) and received so many positive responses. For some it was the key to complete healing, for others an opening of the door so that other therapies could be tolerated. Overall it was highly recommended and we are very excited to have the opportunity to do this for Dylan.

One thing that is very nice about a doctor that tests for allergies on the spot is that you can stay ahead of the game by knowing what therapies/remedies your child will benefit from, Dylan was tested for anti-fungals to see what should be used to treat his yeast issue and most of them (including Nystatin, Diflucan and ThreeLac I mentioned above) were not something he would tolerate - he responded best to Biotin and Garlic - so that will be our new yeast fighting plan.

We will replace the specially formulated Amino Acid blend with Jay Robb Vanilla Protein Powder that can be taken in his smoothie - so much easier for us! and so much cheaper!

She was concerned with his bacteria level as it is VERY high, so she is recommending 3 Culturelle a day for awhile to get that down, coincidentally, we just restarted Culturelle a few days ago when stopping ThreeLac because I knew that he did good on it before, so we will just up the dosage.

Our recent test results show that Dylan's white blood cell count is very low and his red blood cell count was low as well, she will monitor to see if Anemia is an issue. It could be the Actos that interfered with the RBC count (which he stopped taking shortly after that test) We feel that it was a very good and positive appointment and are happy with the new plan in healing our beautiful little guy.

He did complete 2 months of TTFD and Glutathione Chelation, right now we will hold off on any further chelating until we get further into allergy elimination and she is able to determine what will work best.

HBOT is still a recommended treatment and we will be doing that in the near future - just not quite sure when yet.

Well I better go wake-up Mr. Sleepyhead or he won't sleep good tonight.

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