3rd Allergy Treatment and IgG Results

Dylan had his third allergy treatment today. Last Friday he had the second treatment which was for Plastics, prior to having each treatment the doctor checks to see if the previous treatment has cleared and so far he has cleared both treatments. Today was for Amino Acids and Sugars and she threw in Garlic since it showed up as a high delayed reaction on his IgG results. He is doing good with the treatments and has had increased energy and awareness since starting them and the CoQ10.

His IgG results FINALLY arrived. They are pretty scary, but since we are already working on the allergy issues we aren't letting it bother us. Out of the 96 foods tested he reacted to 58 of them, 15 in the HIGH range (worst offenders) 13 in the Moderate range and the remainder in LOW, which is still a reaction but not as severe as the rest. Like I said, IF we weren't doing what we are, we would be freaking out, but we have a good feeling about the allergy treatments and the healing of his immune system. His delayed reactions are caused by his weak immune system and the fact that his body still isn't aware of who the good guys and the bad guys are so it is fighting these foods.

We will continue to do allergy treatments weekly and will soon start Cranial Sacral therapy. HBOT is still somewhere in the plans, we are leaning towards renting a unit for a month for the convenience of it, that way he will get 30 straight 1 hour sessions.

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