6th Allergy Treatment

Boy am I out of it! Just as we were ready to walk out the door for Dylan's appointment I double checked the time and we were late by a whole day! I can't believe I forgot it was on Thursday - they have mostly been on Fridays so far and I knew we had a few more Fridays scheduled... So even when Monica emailed me yesterday to see how his appointment went (she remembered) I said it wasn't until tomorrow...

So I called and they were very nice about it and fit him in for a later appointment this afternoon. Whew! That was close! He cleared Grains!! So today he was treated for Fruits and Fruit Juices. She was tempted to treat for Environmental because he has really been having sinus issues, but you have to be in air conditioning following the treatment and we would probably have to avoid pets too so coming home wouldn't be an option until we passed our 3 hour mark.

Depending on how he does with the remainder of the treatments we are possibly 1/2 way there! There are typically 12 -15 and we are at #6 already! So far things seem to be working very well.


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