New Year, Our Plans

It has been awhile since I've updated. Somehow time is getting harder to find. A lot has gone on since the last update.

The Autism Scholarship - We found out what we needed to do, and we did it. Most of it that is. First we got the diagnosis of Dylan being on the spectrum. Will not go into the details of that just yet, because it was/is a mess. Second we met with the school district to revise his IEP to include the diagnosis. Then we filled out the forms and thought we could send them in to apply, but it turns out that you must first pick your providers - so that is where we currently are in the process.

The Autistique Cream has been going well. We did get an increase in babbling and Dylan has started to say some new things, like "get", "get you", "I did" and "keekee" (for kitty kitty) he continues to say: yea, dada, daddy, hun, ana (for the cat Shana.) Get and Get You come from playing hide and seek or chase which are two of his favorite things to do. He can also catch a ball now and will sometimes play catch, but typically likes to tease, by catching and running in the opposite direction with the ball.

The Glutathione Patches went fine, but we are still unsure of whether or not we feel they work. We are out and are considering ordering again, but are not in a hurry to do so. He did have a low grade fever upon starting them and then an ear discharge the next time, he also was sleepier than usual - this can all be indicative that they are actually working - but since we were also using Argentyn 23 (Colloidal Silver) to kill bacteria, yeast and viruses, it is hard to say which was the culprit. The timing did seem to coincide with the patches, so we are not ruling them out for future use.

To start the New Year out on the right foot we decided that Chelation and HBOT are going to be the top priorities for the year. Dylan had an appointment on January 20th and will be doing bloodwork to make sure that he is ready to chelate. We are going to start with EDTA suppositories, 1 every 14 days. We are also going to start using Enhansa (Curcumin) from Lee Silsby, this is known to boost Glutathione (the reason we are waiting on the patches) and to fight viruses, yeast and bacteria. His DAN! thinks the Autistique Cream is fine to continue and said that depending on the test results we may be able to discontinue some of his other supplements. Which will be nice!

Our biggest issue at this point is where and how to go about HBOT. It is the most expensive treatment we will be doing, at least when you consider it is done in one lump sum.

Our options are as follows:
  • DAN! Dr. #1 - In office or Rent at home - Soft Chamber - over $2000 a month
  • DAN! Dr. #2 - In office or Rent at home - Soft Chamber - around $1800 a month
  • Cleveland Clinic - Hard Chamber - $ waiting for pricing
  • Buy a unit - Soft Chamber - between $8000 - $18,000
  • Possibly leasing a unit - Soft Chamber - still checking into

We have pretty much eliminated the first DAN! as it is more expensive than DAN! #2, The Clinic has yet to get back to us to let us know what our per session cost would be, and buying a unit is something that we need to fully look into to see about resale value, and other options. Leasing is also an option that we will check into. This is not going to be an easy choice because as all therapies go, you just don't know what response you are going to get and we have to go with our gut on the decision. Typically a minimum of 40 sessions is required to get progress - some families are doing 100's of dives and still seeing results - in those cases owning is the way to go. But by the time you know if you are a responder or not, you could have already sunk thousands into renting and then you don't have the $ to buy. So this is our biggie right now and we have to think fast and hope we make the right choice.

I am sure I'm leaving things out, so I will try to update again SOON and to keep my updates updated. I did get Jenny's book and I really enjoyed it. Very easy to read and informative.

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~Zurama~ said...

It's crazy how much treatments costs. I have gone through so many doctors with my son that I have lost count.

Thank you for sharing your story! :)